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C-54 Location Ganes Creek, Alaska This C-54 now lives along a rocky creek bed after it was abandoned some years ago when the pilot operating it decided to fly extremely low, not to be noticed. No one can’t really say why this was so. Apparently, he went too low, and one of the aircraft’s engines

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Two Boeing 747’s Here we have two Boeing 747’s that were left together in this lonesome area with the only time being touched is to search for parts for other projects. The abandoned aircraft are pretty close to a city and have become the center of attraction for many tourists who go as far as

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Boeing 737 – Indonesia This abandoned Boeing 737 can be found in Bali, Indonesia, and is a popular tourist attraction site. Its features indicate it had been at this location for a while, and research notes it has been there since 2007! The public has been graced lately with the release of the Boeing 737

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